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Undergraduate Certificate inProject Management

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Take the next step up in your project management career with a nationally recognized undergraduate certificate from CSU-Global.

Download the Program Sheet
Download the Program Sheet

Project managers are a pivotal part of any organization and can be part of almost any industry. As change agents, project managers set goals, identify measures of success, and encourage team members to collectively accomplish tasks within an organization. They often work with upper management to understand the overall strategy of specific projects, and to determine the tasks and timeline of completion.

To be a successful project manager you must be organized, work well under pressure, feel comfortable with change, have the ability to understand a variety of professional areas, and be able to manage people.

Employees must feel comfortable working with project managers to accomplish the goal of specific projects. That means project managers need to be able to collaborate and communicate with team members to develop trust and an understanding of expectations.

An Undergraduate Certificate in Project Management* is a stand-alone, transcribable certificate that demonstrates your proficiency in the field. The certificate you earn at CSU-Global is nationally recognized by educational institutions and professional organizations.

* This certificate is eligible for Title IV financial aid.

PMP Certification

CSU-Global’s Undergraduate Certificate in Project Management is aligned with the Project Management Institute's Body of Knowledge and prepares students for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate exam.

Career Outlook

Project management job opportunities are found in many different industries and organizations that need short-to-long-term programs and projects directed. Slow economic growth, shifting global market priorities, and a push for innovation will increase the need for project management, creating program management and portfolio management jobs.

According to a survey from the Project Management Institute, (PMI) project managers should be aware of the following needs:

  • Talent development for project and program managers is a top concern.
  • Basic project management techniques are core competencies.
  • Organizations want to use more agile approaches to project management.
  • Benefits realization of projects is a key metric to align projects and programs with the organization’s business strategy.

In 2013 (the most recent year of PMI’s salary survey), the average annual salary for the project management profession was $108,000. Of the 11,150 people from the United States who responded to PMI’s salary survey, 80% had the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and their salaries were over 20% higher than professionals without it.


Program Description

The Undergraduate Certificate in Project Management, an 18 credit hour stand-alone program, provides students with the opportunity to analyze and apply theories and concepts associated with organizations where resources are limited and time is critical. Learners will focus on the management of contracts and asset procurement.

Additionally, student will apply management of risk, project control, project monitoring, and earned value methods as well as assess the costs and benefits of total quality management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of project leadership theories/practical application in organizations.
  • Apply effective written communication and research skills.
  • Examination of management control, monitoring, and value methods.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills for effective analysis in decision-making.
  • Assess costs, risks, and benefits of total quality management.


  • PJM310: Introduction to Project Management

    This course provides the student with a high-level overview of project management. Student will cover project management techniques such as project selection, management, organization, planning, conflict, negotiation, budgeting, scheduling, control of the project, and termination of the project. Students cannot receive credit for both PJM310 and MGT410.

  • PJM330: Effective Project Scheduling and Control

    This course explores, examines the effectiveness, and applies project scheduling techniques and practices. Projects are all unique and face time, resource, and budget con-straints. You will learn approaches to scheduling and control with an emphasis on those skills that are critical to the project manager. Through a web-based immersive simulation, you will have the opportunity to act as the project manager to schedule projects, monitor project progress, identify variances from the project plan, and recommend corrective actions to maintain time and reach the project goals. The simulation gives you a real-world experience managing a project. After completing the course, you will have gained competencies related to several aspects of project management, including project planning, components of project scope, project cost estimation, cost con-trol, schedule control, trade-off decision making, learning curve theory, quality management, controlling scope creep, and communication management.

  • PJM380: Project Management Tools

    This course explores project scheduling and monitoring techniques used by successful project managers. Students assume the role of project manager in a 7-week web-based simulation and apply the concepts conveyed in the course to an international software development project. Through this experience, competency is developed in the areas of project planning, scope definition, cost estimation, cost control, schedule control, trade-off decision making, learning curve theory, quality management, controlling scope creep, and communication management.

  • PJM400: Project Procurement and Contract Management

    This course examines the necessity of managing resources on a project to ensure its success. A critical component is obtaining the appropriate resources from external and internal vendors, which is the responsibility of the project manager. Students will learn the process of acquiring external resources through the vendors and the legal requirements associated with contracts. Students will have an opportunity to study the best practices regarding contract management and purchasing within a project management environment.

  • PJM410: Assessing and Managing Risk

    This course equips future project managers with the skills necessary to identify, analyze, assess, categorize, control, and mitigate project risk. Students learn how risk is being managed across industries, the factors that produce risk, and are presented with the tools necessary to reduce risk as much as possible.

  • PJM440: Total Quality Management

    This course introduces the concepts and benefits of having a systematic approach to business process, and project quality management that involves all employees in continuous improvement for the purpose of improving quality and reducing waste. Students will study Six Sigma, re-engineering, TQM strategy, TQM data capture, Theory of Constraints, and effective communication techniques used to integrate the quality principles into the culture and activities of the organization.

Cost and Schedule


We understand the sacrifice needed to invest in your education. Our promise to you is an affordable, high quality education with low tuition rates, no out-of-state premiums or student fees. Best of all, the CSU-Global Tuition Guarantee ensures that your tuition rates will not increase from enrollment thru graduation. Invest in your education, career, and future without breaking the bank.

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With 100% online classes that start monthly, you complete your coursework when it’s most convenient for you. No set class times or locations lets you continue to work full-time, take care of your family, travel the world, or whatever else you want while you invest in your education.

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