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Personalized Learning Paths

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You have your own individual goals. Create a path of lifelong learning that helps you achieve them every step of the way.

Where you are — and where you want to be — in your life and career, isn’t like anyone else on the planet. Your past experiences, how you learn best, what motivates you, the skills you need to be successful, and your daily schedule are all uniquely you.

Now your education is uniquely you too.

Your educational plan can be designed from where you are today and provide you with what you need to be success tomorrow and long into the future - with the flexibility to change as your goals change.

Build your own customized career approach to a bachelor’s or master’s degree using certificates and specializations.

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Stackable Path to a Degree for a Career as an IT Project Manager

Using what you already know, maximizing your time with learning when you need it most, providing options for how and when you learn are just some of the ways that CSU-Global works with you to develop a personalized learning path. From individual assignments in your courses, to the courses you take, and to how your program contributes to your long-term success every step along the way, we are here to help you reach your goals.

CSU-Global integrates your education into your life using:

Your Previous Experience

Your Immediate Career Needs

Your Busy Schedule

  • Accelerated 8-week terms that start year round
  • Audio and text lecture options so you can learn how and when it’s convenient for you
  • Self-study assessment options when you want to learn at your own pace and prove your knowledge through exam

Your Workplace Expertise

  • Alignment with industry leading professional certifications like CompTIA, SHRM, PMP, and more
  • Specializations to create customized expertise
  • Internships, practica, and on-the-job experiential learning for real-world application
  • Assignment options like oral presentations, research, and simulations to apply coursework as you would in the workplace

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Fill out the form below and we'll contact you and answer all of your questions.

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