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Online Bachelor's Degree inPROJECT MANAGEMENT

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Build on your talents for organizing, tracking, and negotiating with practical career skills that are always in demand. 


Online Project Management Degree Program Sheet
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Project management is a large and important part of nearly every industry, making it one of the most versatile and sought-after skills in the workplace today.

With qualified project managers being in regular demand, earning your degree will give you the freedom to pursue your personal interests while progressing in your career.

As a project manager, you will be responsible for collecting and analyzing data, preparing analytical reports, developing detailed project plans, coordinating resource procurement, managing budgets, and helping to make crucial staffing decisions.

By nature, successful project managers are organized, creative, resourceful, social, analytical, efficient communicators, and excellent at time management. If this sounds like you, fill out the form to the right to get more information on how to earn your undergraduate degree in Project Management.

Earn Your Online Project Management Bachelor's Degree

As it’s imperative for businesses to keep projects on track, on time, and under budget in spite of limited resources and real-world problems, a project management professional is an essential asset of any staff.

Earning your Project Management Undergraduate Degree Online from CSU-Global will teach you crucial project management skills, and give you the tools to prove your abilities.

In your coursework for your online degree in project management, you’ll learn the tools and techniques of effective project management, including leadership skills, planning and organizational tools, scheduling, procurement, contracts, risk management, and Total Quality Management.


Ensure quality with a degree accredited by Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC)

CSU-Global’s Bachelor of Science in Project Management and Master of Project Management is accredited by GAC.

Founded in 1969, Project Management Institute is the world's leading association for project, program or portfolio management professionals. GAC accreditation ensures the quality of academic degree programs and their graduates in order to meet the standards of the rapidly growing field of project management.

The GAC and PMI logos are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. For the full list of PMI’s legal marks, please contact the PMI Legal department.


The B.S. in Project Management provides students with the opportunity to analyze and apply theories and concepts associated with temporary endeavors undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Learners will focus on contracts, asset procurement, risk, project planning, scheduling, monitoring, control, and earned value methods in addition to examining the costs and benefits of total quality management. Students will also learn to apply the soft skills associated with leadership, communication, and team building as they relate to the project management knowledge areas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of management and leadership theories as they relate to project, program and portfolio management.
  • Apply effective communication, technology, and research skills.
  • Examine tools and techniques of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects.
  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills for effective analysis in decision-making.
  • Demonstrate well-honed skills in project quality management.
  • Analyze the implications of diversity/culture and managing projects in an international setting.

View our learning outcomes assessment data.

Program Mission Statement

The Bachelor of Science in Project Management online degree program prepares students for success as project management practitioners within our 21st century’s global, technology-rich, and multicultural economy. This academically accredited and rigorous learning experience is facilitated in an internet-based, technology-enabled, yet personally-interactive environment. Students develop relevant competencies based on the practical application of accepted project management best practices, which prepares them for professional project management leadership. Students are empowered to apply knowledge of the project management discipline to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close complex projects.

PMP Certification

CSU-Global is committed to ensuring that our students remain knowledgeable and competitive in the project management profession. In doing so, we've aligned our programs with the Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge.

Our course curriculum helps students better prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate exam as a way to showcase their skills and knowledge on top of, or in place of, experience in the field.

Career Outlook

Typically, those who seek an undergraduate degree in Project Management have the following responsibilities:

  • Analyze an organization’s needs
  • Recommend possible system upgrades
  • Assess the cost, benefits, and risks of a new project
  • Determine personnel needs
  • Plan and direct projects
  • Negotiate
  • Present proposals, reports, and data findings

If these sound like interesting tasks, you may be a born project manager.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 15% growth increase in the project management field, which is slightly faster than the 11% average increase of all occupations. That's good news, but it still means that there will be a lot of competition for the best jobs.

With room for growth in a field that is in high demand, the decision to take project management courses online will help you get one big step closer to achieving your career goals.

Degree Optimization

We provide students with career-relevant resources to help them succeed outside of the classroom. That's why we created Awards of Completion and Skills Endorsements, specific to our programs of study, spotlighting the knowledge, skills, and abilities that hiring managers find essential to success in the field. Foundations of Project Management and Applied Strategic Project Management for the 21st Century are two of the awards you can receive by enrolling in our Project Management courses online.

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CSU-Global’s accredited online bachelor’s degree in project management is designed to provide you with a practical knowledge of the project management field. The program consists of 10 three-credit core courses as part of a full 120-credit bachelor’s degree. Maximize your transfer credits and take advantage of our alternative credit options to finish faster and for less! 

  • ORG300: Applying Leadership Principles

    The opportunities for students, in this first course, for all majors are to learn personal and professional leadership styles and drivers by providing an overview of leadership basics. Leadership skills are utilized across fields of study. Regardless of the roles individuals assume in an organization, they will need to communicate effectively, influence others, and understand the way they respond to others and why. The course engages students in discussion, exploration, and application of leadership skills, principles, and practices. Students will learn about the relationships and connections leaders have with individuals and organizations. Topics include leadership communication, motivation, style, and characteristics. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.

  • MGT300: Principles of Management

    An examination of the basic functions of management, including planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling and how they can be utilized to strengthen management, employee and organizational performance.

  • OPS400: Operations Management

    This course provides students with an understanding of process and product development, quality improvement, and the tools utilized in the production of goods and services. Students learn concepts regarding operations, quality, and process management, and evaluate how these concepts can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Students also learn how mathematical models are used to assist in making decisions in regard to operations, inventory, quality, and materials requirements. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)

  • PJM310: Introduction to Project Management

    This course provides the student with a high-level overview of project management. Student will cover project management techniques such as project selection, management, organization, planning, conflict, negotiation, budgeting, scheduling, control of the project, and termination of the project. Students cannot receive credit for both PJM310 and MGT410.

  • PJM330: Effective Project Scheduling and Control

    This course explores, examines the effectiveness, and applies project scheduling techniques and practices. Projects are all unique and face time, resource, and budget con-straints. You will learn approaches to scheduling and control with an emphasis on those skills that are critical to the project manager. Through a web-based immersive simulation, you will have the opportunity to act as the project manager to schedule projects, monitor project progress, identify variances from the project plan, and recommend corrective actions to maintain time and reach the project goals. The simulation gives you a real-world experience managing a project. After completing the course, you will have gained competencies related to several aspects of project management, including project planning, components of project scope, project cost estimation, cost con-trol, schedule control, trade-off decision making, learning curve theory, quality management, controlling scope creep, and communication management.

  • PJM380: Project Management Tools

    This course explores project scheduling and monitoring techniques used by successful project managers. Students assume the role of project manager in a 7-week web-based simulation and apply the concepts conveyed in the course to an international software development project. Through this experience, competency is developed in the areas of project planning, scope definition, cost estimation, cost control, schedule control, trade-off decision making, learning curve theory, quality management, controlling scope creep, and communication management.

  • PJM400: Project Procurement and Contract Management

    This course examines the necessity of managing resources on a project to ensure its success. A critical component is obtaining the appropriate resources from external and internal vendors, which is the responsibility of the project manager. Students will learn the process of acquiring external resources through the vendors and the legal requirements associated with contracts. Students will have an opportunity to study the best practices regarding contract management and purchasing within a project management environment.

  • PJM410: Assessing and Managing Risk

    This course equips future project managers with the skills necessary to identify, analyze, assess, categorize, control, and mitigate project risk. Students learn how risk is being managed across industries, the factors that produce risk, and are presented with the tools necessary to reduce risk as much as possible.

  • PJM440: Total Quality Management

    This course introduces the concepts and benefits of having a systematic approach to business process, and project quality management that involves all employees in continuous improvement for the purpose of improving quality and reducing waste. Students will study Six Sigma, re-engineering, TQM strategy, TQM data capture, Theory of Constraints, and effective communication techniques used to integrate the quality principles into the culture and activities of the organization.

  • PJM460: Project Leadership

    This course explores the intersection of the leadership and project management bodies of knowledge, with a focus on how project managers can leverage an understanding of leadership to enhance project success. Students study facilitation, negotiation, teamwork, communication, presentation, interpersonal, and conflict management skills, with specific attention to project management applicability.

  • PJM480: Capstone — Project Management

    In this capstone course, students demonstrate what they learned throughout the project management program by applying leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity skills to real-world situations. Students also make use of the CSU-Global Career Center and develop a resume and career plan.

  • PJM495: Project Management Practicum

    This course is designed for students who participate in a project management capacity on the staff of an organization that manages and implements project work as an opportunity to demonstrate program outcomes learned in the B.S. in Project Management under the supervision of both faculty and organization personnel. Assignments include weekly journals; a mid-term conference with the instructor, faculty practicum coordinator, and on-site supervisor; and a final report. Prerequisite: 3 core courses.
    *PMJ495 is an optional course that students may select if they currently work in a criminal justice setting. See the academic catalog for course restrictions.

* PJM495 is an optional course that provides students with practical project management experience. This course may not be available in all states; see the State Specific Authorization PolicyPolicy under Admissions Policies.


You can customize your Project Management undergraduate degree by adding a specialization. Similar to a degree concentration, each specialization consists of five upper-division courses (15 credit hours) in a more specific area of interest. A specialization is not required to complete a bachelor’s degree, but it is an ideal way to tailor your educational experience to your professional goals and personal interests. 

Explore Your Specialization Options for Your B.S. in Project Management: 

  • Computer Programming

    Computer Programming specialization is aimed at non-computer science majors who would like to broaden their programming capabilities. Courses cover an entire spectrum of basic programming and software development techniques for analysis, design, and implementation of software applications across various operating systems and platforms.

    Learn More
  • Construction Management

    The Construction Management specialization helps students understand the standards and leadership skills required to manage construction projects. This industry-specific specialization can be applied to your degree as a way to ready yourself for the construction field.

    Learn More
  • Criminal Forensics

    The Criminal Forensics program is ideal for students interested in crime scene investigation and forensic science. Gain the knowledge and skills to pursue or advance a career as a medical examiner, crime analyst, criminal investigator, or similar position in this exciting field.

    Learn More
  • Criminal Justice Management

    The criminal justice field includes careers in security, the court system, corrections, forensics, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The Criminal Justice Management program provides advanced leadership skills to further one’s professional development in these areas.

    Learn More
  • Criminology

    The Criminology program focuses on the study of crime, criminal behavior, and the legal system. Students pursuing a career in law enforcement, social work, forensics, welfare, pathology, probation, or other public safety positions will gain a competitive advantage through the Criminology program.

    Learn More
  • Data Management and Analysis

    The Data Management and Analysis program is designed for students interested in careers related to information systems and networking. Professionals interested in the information technology field who desire in-depth knowledge of how to manage enterprise data should consider this program.

    Learn More
  • Digital Marketing

    Earn an undergraduate specialization in digital marketing with CSU-Global. Learn valuable skills to expand your career in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Content.

    Learn More
  • Emergency Management

    While emergency situations cannot always be avoided, proper critical response and preparation can drastically improve public safety. The Emergency Management program provides professionals, including safety directors, emergency specialists, consultants, analysts, and direct responders, with the skills necessary in a wide array of emergencies.

    Learn More
  • Foundations of Accounting

    This program provides business principles and other applied skills in the area of accounting to assist professionals at all levels. In addition to accountants and CPAs, this program provides financial understanding for budget and cost analysts, payroll specialists, auditors, tax consultants, advisors, managers, and more.

    Learn More
  • Fundraising

    If you are looking to enter a career in fundraising CSU-Global offers specialization programs, learn more about your education opportunities today.

    Learn More
  • Healthcare Management

    The Healthcare Management program provides professionals in clinics, hospitals, private practices, nursing homes, research facilities, and more with the focused training required to handle the unique management challenges of the healthcare industry. This program gives students a competitive edge in an ever-changing field.

    Learn More
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development

    Students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources should consider adding this specialization to their bachelor’s degree coursework. It provides a background in personnel management, staff training and development, policy and procedures, and more. When completed as part of the B.S. in Business Management degree, this specialization aligns with educational standards from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

    Learn More
  • Information Technology Management

    As technology continues to advance, the need for qualified IT managers grows as well. Through the Information Technology Management Specialization, students gain the administrative knowledge needed to meet the demands of corporate technology systems including problem solving, resource allocation, networking, security, and more.

    Learn More
  • Information Technology Operations

    This program provides a basic understanding of technology operations, networking, problem-solving, development, and more. Professionals interested in careers that require knowledge of information technology, including administrators, department managers, system analysts, and more, will benefit from this program.

    Learn More
  • International Business

    The undergraduate specialization in International Business prepares students for international management career opportunities within multinational industries and organizations. Learners will gain an understanding of economic, legal, governmental, financial, and cultural issues related to international business.

    Learn More
  • Marketing

    Students interested in the global field of marketing will benefit from this specialization, which includes promotion, creative services, public relations, research, consulting, communications, advertisement, strategy, branding, and much more. The Marketing program provides the tools necessary to be successfully employed in many areas within this field.

    Learn More
  • Operations Management and Supervision

    The Operations Management and Supervision program is ideal for students who pursue careers in logistics or manufacturing and production. These courses provide knowledge and skills to improve efficiency, efficacy, and performance in organizational operations.

    Learn More
  • Organizational Leadership

    If you wish to advance into a management role in your organization or further your management skills as they apply to staff, effective decision making, strategic communication, and more you should consider the Organizational Leadership program in addition to your your bachelor’s degree major or as a certificate of completion.

    Learn More
  • Public and Non-Profit Management

    Students interested in careers within the public and non-profit sectors should consider pursuing a specialization or certificate of completion in Public and Non-Profit Management. This program provides students with management and decision-making abilities necessary within these organizations.

    Learn More
  • Public Relations

    Public relations specialists aim to generate a positive image for their clients by maintaining relationships with media professionals, developing campaigns, creating print and web-based materials, writing speeches, and managing digital media.

    Learn More
  • Strategic Communications

    Effective communication can increase efficiency and results in a wide array of professional positions. The Strategic Communication program improves both internal and external messaging, delivery, and comprehension for managers, consultants, marketing and public relations specialists, human resources, and more.

    Learn More

Cost and Schedule


We understand the sacrifice needed to invest in your education, so our promise to you is an affordable education with low tuition rates, no out-of-state tuition, and tuition guaranteed not to increase for as long as you are enrolled. Find out how you can earn your online bachelor’s degree in project management online without breaking the bank. 

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Finding time to earn your online bachelor’s degree in project management shouldn’t require complex planning. With 100% online classes, you work and study when it’s most convenient for you.

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The GAC and PMI logos are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. For the full list of PMI’s legal marks, please contact the PMI Legal department.

Student Headshot - Michael West"I left college when I was younger because of my lack of confidence. CSU-Global has really proved to me that I can do it, and accomplish something I never thought I could. Online learning is comprehensive, and the schedule is something I make, which is a great benefit for my busy schedule."

- Michael West, Project Management


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