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Self-Study Assessments

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If you’re a self-motivated, independent learner, you can use CSU-Global’s Self-Study Assessments to earn credits toward your bachelor’s degree faster than you would through traditional, instructor-led courses.

You’ll save money on tuition, too, as CSU-Global’s Self-Study Assessments cost 75 percent less than the standard CSU-Global tuition rate (which is already considerably lower than the national average).

In addition to the cost and time savings, Self-Study Assessments provide you with a different option for learning that might suit you better for specific courses and subject areas. Since you study on your own, you can get as in-depth in your learning as you need, and then you’ll be tested on your knowledge, rather than be required to write papers and complete critical-thinking assignments. Self-Study Assessments are just another way that CSU-Global helps personalize your academic journey.

Speed up your degree and save 75% over CSU-Global's already lower tuition rates with Self-Study Assessments

How It Works

You’ll get help preparing for your Self-Study Assessment. CSU-Global offers study prep materials, including a suggested textbook, to help you improve and test your understanding of the material.

When you’re ready to sit for the proctored challenge exam, you’ll pay a non-refundable exam fee of $250 per 3-credit Self-Study Assessment, or $150 per one credit. If you receive a score of 70 percent or higher on the proctored challenge exam, you’ll receive the undergraduate college credits equivalent to that specific course. Students have a 16-week period to complete their Self-Study Assessment exams.

Self-Study Assessments are considered nonresident credits, and they will apply toward an undergraduate degree at CSU-Global. If you transfer to another institution, that institution may or may not accept your Self-Study Assessment credits, at their discretion.

If you plan to transfer to another institution before you finish your degree, you should submit your Self-Study Assessment Study Guide to that institution before you invest in a Self-Study Assessment.

Self-Study Assessment exam credit is not currently approved for Colorado gtPathway guaranteed transfer because Self-Study Assessments are not considered resident credit.

Fill out the form to the right to request more information about the credit opportunities available through CSU-Global. If you're a current student, you can also find additional information about Self-Study Assessments and other alternative sources of credit through the Student Portal.

Available Self-Study Assessment Courses


Principles of Accounting I
ACT300S (3 credits)

Financial Accounting
ACT301S (3 credits)

Managerial Accounting
ACT305S (3 credits)

Principles of Accounting II
ACT325S (3 credits)

Intermediate Accounting
ACT350S (3 credits)

Intermediate Accounting II
ACT360S (3 credits)

Federal Individual Taxation
ACT405S (3 credits)

Government and Nonprofit Accounting
ACT410S (3 credits)

Business Taxation
ACT415S (3 credits)

Information Systems for Accounting
ACT425S (3 credits)

ACT450S (3 credits)

Cost Accounting
ACT460S (3 credits)

Advanced Accounting
ACT470S (3 credits)


Interpersonal Communication
COM310S (3 credits)

Intercultural Communication
COM315S (3 credits)

Mass Communication and Society
COM325S (3 credits)

Foundations of Strategic Communication
COM335S (3 credits)

Strategic Communication
COM400S (3 credits)

Communication Conflict and Persuasion
COM425S (3 credits)

Technical Communication
COM455S (3 credits)

Construction Management

Fundamentals of Construction Management
CMG300S (3 credits)

Construction Cost Estimating
CMG400S (3 credits)

Materials Used in Construction
CMG450S (3 credits)

Structural Analysis and Design
CMG460S (3 credits)

Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ300S (3 credits)

Laws of Evidence
CRJ335S (3 credits)

Criminal Justice and the Constitution
CRJ420S (3 credits)

Criminal Law
CRJ425S (3 credits)

Investigative Forensic Photography
CRJ450S (3 credits)

Emergency Management

Foundations of Emergency Management
EMG300S (3 credits)

Hazard Mitigation
EMG325S (3 credits)

Disaster Response
EMG375S (3 credits)

Disaster Recovery
EMG400S (3 credits)

Comprehensive Emergency Planning
EMG450S (3 credits)


Analyzing Financial Statements
FIN400S (3 credits)

General Education

Environmental Conservation
BIO121S (3 credits)

Earth Science
GEO101CS (3 credits)

U.S. History I
HST201S (3 credits)

U.S. History II
HST202S (3 credits)

U.S. History from 1945 to the Present
HST300S (3 credits)

Critical Reasoning
HUM101S (3 credits)

Introduction to Political Science
POL101S (3 credits)

Introduction to Human Development
PSY105S (3 credits)

Introduction to Sociology
SOC101S (3 credits)

Healthcare Administration and Management

Accounting and Finance for Healthcare Managers
HCM301S (3 credits)

Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System
HCM310S (3 credits)

Healthcare Supervision
HCM315S (3 credits)

Introduction to Health Policy
HCM320S (3 credits)

Health Law and Ethics
HCM345S (3 credits)

Quality and Risk Management in Healthcare
HCM370S (3 credits)

Population Health Management
HCM430S (3 credits)

The Economics of Healthcare
HCM375S (3 credits)

Managed Care and Health Insurance
HCM400S (3 credits)

Healthcare Operations Management
HCM410S (3 credits)

Introduction to Healthcare Strategy
HCM460S (3 credits)

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Introduction to Hospitality Management
HTM300S (3 credits)

Tourism and Commercial Recreation Systems
HTM310S (3 credits)

Meeting and Event Management
HTM320S (3 credits)

Hospitality Sales & Marketing
HTM340S (3 credits)

Human Resources

Compensation and Performance Management
HRM350S (3 credits)

Creating a Diverse and Ethical Workforce
HRM435S (3 credits)

Recruitment, Selection, and Employee Development
HRM440S (3 credits)

Organizational Development
HRM460S (3 credits)

Human Services

Introduction to Human Services
HSM300S (3 credits)

Human Development
HSM320S (3 credits)

Intervention Methods in Human Services
HSM350S (3 credits)

Crisis Intervention
HSM400S (3 credits)

Case Management in Human Services
HSM405S (3 credits)

Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services
HSM420S (3 credits)

Human Services Administration
HSM450S (3 credits)

Information Technology

Basic Programming
ITS320S (3 credits)

Information Technology Project Management
ITS400S (3 credits)

Database Management
ITS410S (3 credits)

Principles of Cyber Security
ITS415S (3 credits)

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
ITS425S (3 credits)

Digital Forensics and Investigations
ITS455S (3 credits)

Information Security Legal and Ethical Issues
ITS460S (3 credits)


Microeconomic Principles
ECN210S (3 credits)

Comparative Economics and Global Business 1800-Present
ECN410S (3 credits)

Management in the Global Economy
ECN405S (3 credits)

Managerial Economics
ECN400S (3 credits)

Principles of Management
MGT300S (3 credits)

Introduction to International Business
MGT305S (3 credits)

Business Law
MGT315S (3 credits)

The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
MGT320S (3 credits)

Business Policy and Strategy
MGT350S (3 credits)

Organizational Innovation and Change
MGT351S (3 credits)

Project Management
MGT410S (3 credits)

Business Policy Development and Implementation
MGT451S (3 credits)

Strategic Innovation and Ideas
MGT475S (3 credits)

Quantitative Business Analysis
MTH410S (3 credits)

Introduction to Small Business/Entrepreneurship
SMB300S (3 credits)

Funding Sources for Small Business/Entrepreneurial Organization
SMB350S (3 credits)

Managing a Small Business/Entrepreneurial Organization
SMB400S (3 credits)

Management Information Systems

Information Systems Design and Management
MIS300S (3 credits)

Information Systems Analysis and Design
MIS350S (3 credits)

Cloud Computing and Big Data
MIS440S (3 credits)

Data Mining
MIS450S (3 credits)


Introduction to Marketing
MKG310S (3 credits)

Consumer Behavior
MKG330S (3 credits)

Product and Brand Management
MKG340S (3 credits)

Promotion and Public Relations
MKG350S (3 credits)

Personal Selling and Sales Management
MKG360S (3 credits)

International and Multi-Cultural Marketing
MKG400S (3 credits)

Retail Marketing/Management
MKG410S (3 credits)

Digital Marketing
MKG420S (3 credits)

Marketing Strategy for Small Business
MKG425S (3 credits)

Strategic Marketing
MKG440S (3 credits)

Market Research
MKG470S (3 credits)

Operations Management

Operations Management
OPS400S (3 credits)

Financial Performance in Operations Management
OPS402S (3 credits)

Leadership in Operations Management
OPS404S (3 credits)

Managing the Supply Chain
OPS405S (3 credits)

Organizational Leadership

Communicating and Relationships in Negotiating
ORG307S (1 credit)

Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership
ORG405S (3 credits)

Communication Strategies for Leaders
ORG423S (3 credits)

Leading through Conflict Resolution
ORG470S (3 credits)

Project Management

Construction Project Management
PJM350S (3 credits)

Project Procurement and Contract Management
PJM400S (3 credits)

Assessing and Managing Risk
PJM410S (3 credits)

Total Quality Management
PJM440S (3 credits)

Public Management

Public Administration
PMG300S (3 credits)

Public Policy and Strategy
PMG320S (3 credits)

Public Relations

Principles of Public Relations
COM302S (3 credits)

Public Relations Techniques
COM312S (3 credits)

Campaign and Event Planning
COM321S (3 credits)

Social Media and Public Relations
COM340S (3 credits)

International Public Relations
COM360S (3 credits)


Community Development
SOC460S (3 credits)

Race, Gender, and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
SOC310S (3 credits)

Community Development
SOC460S (3 credits)


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