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Graduate Certificate inBUSINESS ANALYTICS

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Add data-based decision-making to your set of marketable business skills.

Download the Program Sheet
Download the Program Sheet

CSU-Global’s Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics* adds statistics and logical thinking to your existing business skill set by teaching you how to collect solid data and interpret it accurately. Learn how to evaluate your organization’s needs and provide solutions based on real-world information.

Stand out with this transcribable, nationally recognized certificate. Employers will know that you’ve got the skills necessary to be an asset to the potential growth of their organization.

Our Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics focuses on the latest techniques for…

  • Collecting and analyzing statistical information.
  • Spotting trends.
  • Making projections.
  • Helping drive strategic plans that guide your organization to future success.

This certificate is an excellent choice if you’re interested in any of the following careers:

  • Analyst.
  • Data warehouse developer.
  • Business consultant.
  • Any other role that works with statistical information.

* This certificate is eligible for Title IV financial aid.

Career Outlook

Business analysts work in a variety of industries including marketing, finance, retail, telecommunications, technology, government, and nonprofit. Because every business and organization is always looking to expand and grow, a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics can help you get the job you deserve in this fast-growing field.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job growth for analysts is much faster than average thru 2024. That means there are more job opportunities for people who can fill these important roles.

Not only will there be available jobs for you to fill with this certificate, but you can also make a significant income. On average, analysts earn $78,630 annually, or over $35 hourly. Of course, with the wide variety of roles available, depending on what industry and role you enter, you could earn even more.

Industry career options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Analytics engineer.
  • Data analyst.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Operations research analyst.
  • Risk analyst.

With a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, you’ll have a professionally and nationally recognized certificate that proves your value, skills, and knowledge for helping businesses succeed.


Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, a 12 credit hour stand-alone program, is aimed at graduate students who would like to broaden their skills in designing, developing, and implementing enterprise-level business analytics solutions for decision-making purposes. Courses cover an entire spectrum of business analytics, including foundations of data analytics, data mining and visualization, predictive analytics, and business analytics. Students interested in these courses should have experience or recent course work in programming, statistics, and databases, as well as, the ability to grasp and understand the fundamental principles of business analytics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the tools used by successful business analytics leaders.
  • Apply data mining and predictive analytics to large data sets providing patterns, trends, and relationships.
  • Demonstrate the principles of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.
  • Develop essential skills in communicating business analytics through visualization and reporting.
  • Provide analytical solutions that enable organizational leadership to make informed decisions and forecasts.


  • MIS500: Foundations of Data Analytics

    This course introduces students to the methodologies, techniques, and tools most commonly used in data analytics. These foundational methods are from the fields of statistics, operations research, and information systems. Topics include techniques and tools for visualization, inference, forecasting, optimization, simulation, and data mining. The emphasis is on exposing the student to the techniques and software tools that are used in the industry and will be used in the rest of the program.

  • MIS510: Data Mining and Visualization

    This course will provide the basic framework for conducting various data and text mining methodologies, including logistic regression analyses, classical discriminant analyses, association rule, decision tree, support vector machine, neural networks, variable reduction, cluster analysis, text analytics, and web mining. In addition, this course teaches the essential and practical skills in visualization, including computer graphics, visual data representation, physical and human vision models, numerical representation of knowledge and concepts, pattern analysis, and computational methods. Recommended Prior Course: MIS500

  • MIS530: Predictive Analytics

    This course covers the fundamental predictive analytics and data mining approaches applied in business. It introduces basic concepts and techniques to discover patterns in data, identify variables with the most predictive power, and develop predictive models.

  • MIS542: Business Analytics

    This course provides an overview of the tools and techniques for analyzing business data in order to develop comprehensive and functional solutions. Topics include forecasting, simulation, and data modeling for complex problem analysis in medium to large organizations.

Cost and Schedule


We understand the sacrifice needed to invest in your education. Our promise to you is an affordable, high quality education with low tuition rates, no out-of-state premiums or student fees. Best of all, the CSU-Global Tuition Guarantee ensures that your tuition rates will not increase from enrollment thru graduation. Invest in your education, career, and future without breaking the bank.

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With 100% online classes that start monthly, you complete your coursework when it’s most convenient for you. No set class times or locations lets you continue to work full-time, take care of your family, travel the world, or whatever else you want while you invest in your education.

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Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.


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