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Are you interested in hosting a CSU-Global intern?

We have graduate and undergraduate students across the United States from a variety of disciplines who can meet your company’s diverse needs. CSU-Global students have the option to complete internships in-person or remotely.

As a service to you, we assist in advertising and promoting your internship opportunities to our students. If you are interested in hosting a CSU-Global intern, please fill out the form on the right or contact internship@csuglobal.edu. We look forward to partnering with you!

What are the benefits of hosting an intern?

Find future employees. Internship programs can be a recruiting tool that allows you to test the talent prior to making an official offer. You can determine if the intern has the knowledge, abilities, and skills required to be successful in your company and whether the intern is a good fit with your organizational culture.

Get a fresh perspective. Curious about new practices in the industry? With our career relevant degrees, students have fresh ideas and new skills to provide your company with a new perspective.

Increase company exposure. Interns can boost your company buzz by sharing their experience interning with your company, especially on social media.

Increase productivity. Do you have projects your team hasn’t been able to finish? With support from an intern, you can complete projects that have been neglected while still focusing on major strategic goals.

Decrease recruiting costs. At the end of the internship, you may hire the intern for a full-time position saving the company costs associated with posting the position and interviewing candidates.

Get honest feedback. Before the internship is complete, an intern can complete an exit interview providing additional insight about the strengths and opportunities of your company.

Help a student get a jumpstart on their career. Internships are an excellent way to contribute to a student’s success in the job market.

Employer Guide to InternshipsEMPLOYER GUIDE TO INTERNSHIPS Access our guide to assist you in developing an internship program at your company

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