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Your leadership role in healthcare administration awaits. Gain the knowledge and skills required to be a successful manager in the public and private healthcare sector.


Download the Program Sheet
Download the Program Sheet

As a professional in the field of healthcare administration, you will improve the quality of the delivery of healthcare services, stay up to date on new healthcare laws and regulations, manage the finances of healthcare facilities, create work schedules, represent the facility at investor meetings, organize the facility’s records, and communicate with your medical team and department heads.

For most healthcare administration professionals, you can expect to work in state, local, or private hospitals. Some other work environments include ambulatory health care services, and nursing and residential care facilities.

Some job titles in the professional healthcare administration field include:

  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Clinical Manager
  • Nutrition Services Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Health and Social Services Manager
  • Medical Records Manager
  • And More!

If you're ready to take the next step in your career, fill out the form to your right and get in touch. Let us help you get started on the path to your Master of Healthcare Administration degree.

Master of Healthcare Administration Onetonline.org $96,540 Average salary for Medical and Health Services Managers in 2016

CSU-Global Career LadderEXPLORE CAREER OPTIONS IN HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION See the requirements for entry, junior, senior, and executive positions that CSU-Global can help you attain.
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Earn Your Master's Degree In Healthcare Administration

Stand out in the ever-changing field of healthcare administration by earning your master’s degree. Build upon your existing experience and set yourself up to advance your career in this growing industry.

Our online master’s in healthcare administration program is designed to prepare students like you for a wide variety of leadership roles within the healthcare industry.

The program incorporates leadership skills, knowledge, analytical abilities, global perspective, and management tools you need to effectively and efficiently lead both private and public healthcare organizations.


The online Master of Healthcare Administration program prepares students for a wide variety of leadership and managerial roles within the healthcare industry. The program incorporates leadership skills, core-competency knowledge, analytical abilities, global perspective, and evidence based management tools needed to effectively and efficiently lead and manage in healthcare organizations in multiple settings. Students gain an increased understanding and awareness of the U.S. healthcare delivery system, healthcare policy, laws, and issues facing the healthcare industry, with an emphasis on the areas of healthcare quality, population health, human resources, financial management, information technology system and operations management, change and innovation, and strategic planning and other core competencies and practices important to managing within a healthcare environment.

Puerto Rico residents (only): This program does not fulfill the state’s requirement needed to work as a Healthcare Administrator in Puerto Rico.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to identify and solve healthcare organizational problems using a systematic decision-making approach.
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to manage, develop, and motivate organizations to meet changing organizational needs in a healthcare environment.
  • Conduct a critical analysis of problems, research, solution alternatives, and the environment in the development and execution of a strategy, as it relates to the healthcare enterprise.
  • Develop awareness of the policies, procedures, laws, and ethics, and population health and quality management requirements of the diverse array of healthcare alternatives.
  • Apply business administration and management knowledge to the healthcare industry within the domains of management, organizational leadership, analytical reasoning, operations management, human resources, finance, marketing, and strategic planning and implementation.
  • Synthesize the value of personal and professional development, community service, and life-long learning.

Click here to view our learning outcomes assessment data.


All courses are taught by qualified instructors with current industry experience. Our instructors hold advanced degrees in their fields, and are specially trained to teach online, so you and your fellow students can think more critically about how the subject matter applies to real-world situations.

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Career Outlook

The healthcare industry is projected to grow 20 percent within the next seven years, much faster than the all-occupation average of 7 percent. If you're looking to enter or advance within this rapidly growing field, now is the time to earn your degree and stand apart from the competition.

You may be a perfect fit for a leading role in the healthcare industry if you…

  • Are organized
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Are detail oriented
  • Are a clear communicator
  • Enjoy analyzing complex data
  • Enjoy working with technology and compliance regulations
  • Have an adaptable personality

Your leadership role in healthcare administration awaits you. Gain the knowledge and skills required to be an effective manager in the public and private healthcare sector.

Degree Optimization

We provide students with career-relevant resources to help them succeed outside of the classroom. That's why we created Awards of Completion and Skills Endorsements, specific to our programs of study, spotlighting the knowledge, skills, and abilities that hiring managers find essential to success in the field. Foundations of Healthcare Administration and Management and Applied Strategic Leadership in the Healthcare Industry are two of the awards you can receive as part of our healthcare administration program.

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CSU-Global’s accredited Online Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration is designed to provide you with a practical knowledge of the field. The program consists of 8 three-credit core courses as part of a full 36-credit master’s degree. (Some Master of Healthcare Administration students may also be required to take RES501 as part of their program if they have an undergraduate GPA below 3.00. In this case, the degree is 39 credits.) 

  • RES501*: Fundamentals of Research and Writing

    This course is only required for students who are accepted into this program with an undergraduate GPA below 3.00.

    The primary purpose of this course is to help students entering graduate level programs at CSU-Global develop awareness of current and effective research and writing practices with the goal of implementing such practices into their writing and research projects. Students will learn what constitutes graduate level writing and research as well as how to communicate with colleagues in online professional forums. Students will also learn to effectively integrate writing and research skills into the writing projects they will pursue throughout their graduate level programs.

  • HCM500: The U.S. Healthcare System

    This course provides an in-depth overview of the United States Healthcare System from both a micro and macro level with a special emphasis on the integration of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in 2010. An introduction to the definitions, concepts about the system as well as current and future trends in healthcare delivery are considered. Topic areas include: history, organization of the system, operational characteristics, funding mechanisms and current regulatory activities.

  • HCM502: Organizational Behavior and Human Resources in Healthcare

    This course focuses on the application of theory to develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage individuals and groups in healthcare organizations. Topics include human behavior, human resource management and labor relation policies.

  • HCM515: Health Law and Ethics

    This course explores the policy trends and legal and ethical challenges inherent in the administration of healthcare services. Topics include governmental reforms, policy process model, regulation of healthcare false claims, fraud and abuse, antitrust compliance and litigation, informed consent, and principals and legal basis for hospital governance and healthcare malpractice insurance.

  • HCM520: Quality and Performance Improvement in Healthcare

    This course is an in-depth examination of the relationships between healthcare quality and organizational performance and outcomes. Students are introduced to quality improvement and patient safety theories, models, methods, and tools that have an application in addressing the challenges and opportunities of improving the quality and safety of the new value-based healthcare system.

  • HCM542: Operations Management in Healthcare Organizations

    In this course, students examine forces and trends that impact healthcare organizations such as operations performance, scheduling, productivity, and supply chain, operational assessment, patient care flow, and related supportcare processes through process improvement. Students will use analytical techniques to assess performance data and to identify trends and issues to improve patient care outcomes.

  • HCM565: Healthcare Finance

    This course focuses on the application of key finance principles and concepts to healthcare organizations. The course enables students to learn how to develop, apply, and interpret various financial tools and concepts, including financial statements analysis, costs structure and allocation, dashboards, budgeting and variance analysis, sources of revenue and reimbursement, return on investment analysis, financial ratios, capital budgeting and investment decision making, and working capital management.

  • HCM570: Healthcare Information Systems

    This course is designed to introduce students to the core knowledge and skills needed to oversee the information technology and informatics in a healthcare environment. This includes how to identify and solve organizational problems affecting the design, implementation, and use of health information management systems and data throughout the enterprise. Students discuss the functions and interoperability of various systems including regulatory requirements, how to assure the confidentiality of patient information, and recent trends in the changing healthcare landscape.

  • HCM580: Organizational Management: Strategy and Execution (Capstone)

    This course examines the components of organizational strategy development and execution as the healthcare system moves in a value-based delivery model. Topics include the strategic planning process, analytic tools, organizational strategies, competitive advantage, and critical decision making. Prerequisite: All core and specialization courses

  • HCM595**: Healthcare Management Internship

    The internship provides students with practical experience in organizations specific to healthcare organizations. Each student works under the direct supervision of a senior-level professional at an approved organization or company, and applies and integrates what they have learned during the core courses of their program. Each student is required to participate in coursework that allows them to demonstrate what has been learned through the internship experience. The emphasis of the internship is on the student assuming a professional role within the organization. Students complete their internships over a period of eight weeks during one CSU-Global course. A minimum of 80 hours of internship fieldwork must be completed during the course.

* Master’s Plus - Some Master of Healthcare Administration students may also be required to take RES501 as part of their program if they have an undergraduate GPA below 3.00. In this case, the degree is 39 credits.

** HCM595 is an optional course that will provide students with practical experience in management organizations. This course may not be available in all states; see the State Specific AuthorizationAuthorization Policy under Admissions Policies.


  • Applied Business Management

    Gain a competitive advantage and increase career prospects through this specialization or certificate of completion with a focus on practical business and management skills in accounting, financing, strategic development, organizational change, and more.

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  • Business Intelligence

    This program focused on utilizing data and interpreting trends in information to accomplish company objectives and goals.

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  • Criminal Justice Leadership

    The criminal justice field includes careers in security, courts, corrections, and forensics, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The graduate level Criminal Justice Leadership program provides advanced management skills to further your professional development.

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  • English K-12 Educators

    This specialization is designed to provide existing K-12 English teachers with the graduate level credit in composition, rhetoric, critical analysis & literature necessary to be qualified to teach dual enrollment courses.

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  • Finance

    In this program, students are prepared for careers as financial managers and leaders in the corporate world. Advanced financial areas of study include economics, decision making, risk and return, global market analysis, strategic planning, reporting, and more. With a master’s degree from CSU-Global featuring a specialization in finance, students are prepared for careers as financial managers and leaders in the corporate world.

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  • Fraud Management

    The Fraud Management program is ideal for financial specialists focused on the prevention of deceitful practices and activity through the effective management and protection of sensitive information.

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  • Global Management

    The Global Management program facilitates student’s awareness of topics present in global business, including communications, international accounting and finance, and economic aspects related to business decisions.

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  • Human Resource Management

    Students interested in furthering their careers in the field of human resources should consider this program, which provides organizational management skills with an emphasis on personnel, staff training and development, policy and procedures, and more. This program is designed as an HRCI certification prep course.

    Learn More
  • Human Resource Performance

    Students who aim to improve an organization’s effectiveness through human resources should consider the Human Resource Performance program. Emphasis is on the successful management of organized labor employees in dynamic environments.

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  • Information Technology

    Managers, directors, and senior executives in information technology can gain vital knowledge to increase an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace through the advanced IT strategies and implementation training provided by this program.

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  • International Management

    In today’s global marketplace, effective leadership in any industry requires special skills. Students interested in pursuing a career with multi-national strategic vision benefit from the skills and application of knowledge obtained in the International Management program.

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  • Math K-12 Educators

    This specialization is designed to provide existing K-12 math teachers with the graduate level credit in mathematics necessary to be qualified to teach dual enrollment courses.

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  • Online Learning Innovation and Design

    Students of the Online Learning program gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a powerful and engaging learning experience. Areas of study include the practical application of innovative and original instructional delivery, virtual learning environments, and evaluation of learning outcome achievement.

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  • Organizational Leadership and Change Management

    Managers, at any level or tenure, must be able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business. Students in this program gain the tools for career advancement by learning to thrive through market innovations and handle rapid organizational growth and change.

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  • Organizational Learning and Performance

    Organizational Learning and PerformanceLearn to apply essential learning strategies and instructional design techniques in order to increase performance and accomplish organizational goals. Key topics include performance and delivery systems, assessment and evaluation, the use of learning technologies, and strategic planning and leadership.

    Learn More
  • Population Health

    The Population Health specialization program prepares professionals in healthcare leadership roles to understand and analyze healthcare data on population groups, help to determine which socioeconomic factors may contribute to health outcomes, and recognize the needs of communities as related to healthcare, prevention, and safety.

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  • Project Management

    This graduate level program in project management offers extensive leadership and skill development regarding improved organizational efficiency and performance. These courses include topic areas, practical skills, and knowledge aligned to professional certifications associated with the Project Management Institute (PMI) including the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® and the Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

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  • Strategic Digital Information Marketing

    The Strategic Digital Information in Marketing specialization provides students with the foundation and framework for a leadership role in marketing.

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  • Strategic Innovation and Change Management

    This program focuses on enhancing one’s ability to efficiently manage through the strategic implementation of change and evolution within a business or organization. Managers who effectively adapt to meet the needs of their environment are more likely to succeed.

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Cost and Schedule


Earning your master’s degree shows that you have excellent critical thinking and decision making skills. Earning it at CSU-Global means you're already pretty good at it. Our promise to you is an affordable education with low tuition rates guaranteed not to increase for as long as you are enrolled, and no student fees or out-of-state tuition up charges. 

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We know you’re busy, but school can fit into your professional, family, and other life obligations. Our year-round, 100% online classes give you the flexibility to learn and study when it’s most convenient for you.

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Student Headshot - Alisa Kates"The program I am in is rigorous and requires a lot of critical thinking. Since beginning my Master's program, I feel I have become more articulate and intellectually curious.”

-Alisa Kates, Healthcare Administration and Management


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