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Degree Specialization in OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT

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If you're passionate about getting the job done in a manufacturing or service industry, this will give you the practical knowledge and leadership skills you need to excel in your field.

This program prepares you for leadership roles in manufacturing and service industries. You’ll learn best practices, systems, and processes to keep production and supply chains running smoothly. You’ll have the practical skills to get the job done and the product out on time, under budget, and without running afoul of laws and regulations.

This course of study matches the suggested curriculum guidelines for APICS, The Association for Operations Management, Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) certification and the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification. This is also excellent preparation if you plan to go on to earn your MBA.

This program consists of five lower-division online operations management and supervision courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

  • OPS400: Operations Management

    This course provides students with an understanding of process and product development, quality improvement, and the tools utilized in the production of goods and services. Students learn concepts regarding operations, quality, and process management, and evaluate how these concepts can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Students also learn how mathematical models are used to assist in making decisions in regard to operations, inventory, quality, and materials requirements. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)

  • OPS402: Financial Performance in Operations Management

    This course prepares learners to understand the role of financial performance in the management of an organization's processes and services, as well as its influence on an enterprise's financial viability. The course focuses on the integration of operations management and financial management. Students learn the reasons asset management is an essential organizational process and the benefits of organizations supporting international standards. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)

  • OPS404: Leadership in Operations Management

    This course focuses on the leadership and supervisory roles and responsibilities of a manager in the context of operations management. The course includes the following topics: leadership, human capital, labor relationships, work environment, diversification, and workplace culture. The definition and importance of each topic will be discussed within the context of students' own workplace as well as across different organizations and industries.

  • OPS405: Managing the Supply Chain

    This course provides the student with an examination of the concept and design of supply chains for manufacturing and service organizations. Specific emphasis is placed on the management of those supply chains, including management of purchasing, contracting, costing, working with vendors, and working with customers. Students analyze the innovative capabilities of effectively managed supply chains and the overall effect those supply chains can have on the bottom line for an organization.

  • PJM400: Project Procurement and Contract Management

    This course examines the necessity of managing resources on a project to ensure its success. A critical component is obtaining the appropriate resources from external and internal vendors, which is the responsibility of the project manager. Students will learn the process of acquiring external resources through the vendors and the legal requirements associated with contracts. Students will have an opportunity to study the best practices regarding contract management and purchasing within a project management environment.

* Project Management majors will take MGT475 instead of PJM400.

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