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You’re able to follow trends and anticipate change before it happens. Use these skills to help an organization stay ahead of the curve and always functioning at top efficiency.

In your role with an organization, you will help leaders meet current and future needs in staffing, training, and creating effective policies and procedures. The courses in this program cover key elements that contribute to high performance and organizational effectiveness within the framework of a public or private labor base.

In this program, you will use real-world applications to design and execute successful management systems, understand the administrative functions of human resource management, and understand the recruitment, staffing, evaluation, and development of employees in a high-performance workplace.

This program consists of four graduate online human resource performance courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

  • HRM500: Managing Human Resources

    Analyze the implications of the recruitment, staffing, evaluation and development of employees in the strategic management of a high performance workforce. Examine the economics of labor and the effects of legislative and legal decisions in the administration and management of employees.

  • ORG521: Managing Dynamic Environments

    In this course, students will examine the factors and theories of effective change leadership. Students learn strategies, structures, and techniques for facilitating organizational change for competitive success in today's dynamic business environment.

  • HRM540: Maximizing Human Capital

    This course explores the value, utilization, and development of human capital, with a specific concentration on structuring an organization and developing innovative training programs that maximize organizational and human potential. Students explore strategies human resource professionals can utilize to raise employee motivation and job satisfaction, as well as assist employees in achieving the proper life/work balance. A key focus is to research concepts and practices that adapt organizational structures and processes to better conform to, utilize, and take advantage of employee potential. Recommended Prior Course: HRM500.

  • HRM550: Strategic Labor Relations

    This course provides a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis of labor relations in terms of its history, regulations, and current environment. The broader relationship between unions, organizations, and employees is explored, along with dispute and conflict resolution techniques including grievances and arbitration. This course addresses the importance of teams and managing diversity through unique dialogue and a collaborative lens. Students learn to enhance and promote diversity as managers and leaders and effectively resolve conflict and disputes in a variety of complex scenarios. This course is an equivalent of HRM516 and MGT516; earning credit for both courses is not permissible.

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Add an area of focus to your degree that can help you stand out to future employers.


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